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10 11 2009

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9 11 2009

your blog is all about me and how i fuck up and shit. i don’t need a blog dedicated to listing the ways i fuck up. i already know that i’m fucked up, you don’t have to blog about it and remind me.

i want my very own chuck bass.

6 11 2009






the straw that broke kristie’s back.

5 11 2009

today was the worst. i swear my blood was boiling the minute i walked into the backroom at 3pm. DHL stocks not cleared, not touched even!!! it’s like, if i wasn’t working yesterday, WHO THE FUCK WAS GONNA CLEAR IT?!?!?!?

all taking me for granted. attachment or not, you could have just cleared the ingredients and cups and shit, and leave the retail for me to settle. you didn’t even do anything at all. and my full timer? completely good for nothing. absolutely useless piece of shit. when are you gonna leave? can we just chuck you? because i’m very sure that we can hire someone who is a million years better than you.

and what the hell? how can you tell customer that we can reheat coffee? SINCE WHEN CAN WE REHEAT COFFEE?!?!? in our turbochef? or you mean to say you want to use the steam wand to do it? so you mean you want to use the steam wand to reheat coffee that the customer has already drank and contaminate our steam wand with his saliva. what the fuck is wrong with you sia? and the coffee wasn’t even ours, McCafe’s!!!!! i swear i just feel like bashing your head against the wall, maybe you’d wake up. stupid fucker. 4 years already in this store, you can’t even help to put away our stock when we have attachment managers. you stupid or what. anyway maybe you should consider retiring. you look too old to be working at Starbucks. you’re spoiling our image.

geyland road. ahahaha.

2 11 2009

so the macdonald’s guy totally screwed up my order. but it’s okay, he gave me triple the amount of game cards :))


actually, i don’t mind joo chiat and scotts road also.


on a different note, everyone at work has a very bad cough. including me. thank you my. kah wai for coughing in our faces and spreading your disgusting germs.


I want to take mc.


29 10 2009

out of 10 calls you make to me, i probably answer 9 of them.

out of 10 calls I make to you, you probably answer 3 of them.

i know you read this, so i’m just saying.

honestly, i’m going crazy with you being like this.

open your eyes, face the reality. untangle your web of lies.

29 10 2009

she’s not into you but she has your pictures on her fb? the same ones from friendster. with captions like “:)” and “u got it bad” . and in a folder titled “loves”. excuse, just stop denying the fact that she still has a thing for you. wake up and smell the damn coffee for heaven’s sake. so when i get angry about you even being the one to add her in the first place, don’t turn on me and say that i’m over-reacting la stop making drama la there’s nothing la she doesn’t have feelings anymore la she got bf already la i just want to know about bala la and all the other bullshit.

i have my reasons for not liking her/this situation. it’s all stated above.

*PS. the picture we talked about before? you obviously slept over at her house. ‘cos in the very next picture in that album, she’s playing around with someone else but, she’s wearing the blue polo t that you were wearing. go figure. and start re’writing your lies.