i really think i need to

26 05 2010


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26 05 2010

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gosh i’ve forgotten about this blog.

25 05 2010

16 and pregnant.

24 11 2009

this new show on MTV is awesome. it lets us in on the lives of 16 year old American teenage girls who get pregnant and shows us the struggles they go through and the decisions they are forced to make. How one told her parents she was pregnant by texting them (!) and how another struggled to look after her baby and study for her exams to complete her education and motherhood forced her to grow up and give up a lot of things she loves for her baby while her good for nothing baby-daddy slept at night and wouldn’t take his turn at changing diapers and feeding times. They have the baby deciding to get married after it’s born but when Baby Bentley arrives, his mum and dad are constantly fighting and bickering and they then realise that they are not in love and they made a huge mistake and that they’re both trying to make it work because they have a kid. In the end they realise that the only reason that they’re together is because they have a child together and that may not be a good enough reason.



Gosh, it’s hard. I’m 23 and I don’t think I’ll be able to cope with another mouth to feed and all the crying at night.

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18 11 2009

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happy birthday grandma.

16 11 2009

i am completely bored outta my mind i swear. plus my boss just texted me to say that i might not get christmas off? like what the fuck, i work chinese new year and hari raya and now i don’t get christmas off? that is totally fucked up. i’ll checked the schedule draft and take it up with alison if i have too. completely stupid i tell you.

anyways, we had our store outing yesterday. supposed to meet at 11am but i couldn’t get up!!! was so tired from the night before.  i told them to go ahead first and i finally met them at around 1pm, joy wasn’t there yet.  so we all watched a movie, 2012, cool shit, must go see. then we met up with yana (who was late even though i thought i’d be later!!!!) and chunpei and we all went to grab a quick bite at ljs before heading to the bowling alleys. I SUCK AT BOWLING OKAY, DON’T EVER ASK ME TO BOWL EVER AGAIN LA WALAU. hahaha. managers were pitted against the partners and we won!!! no thanks to me though. we got retail items and stuff, i got a batangas city mug from the phillippines. after that the managers parted with the partners and we went to ice cold beer to drink and eat chicken wings. it was really nice to spend time with these people and not have to think about store for once. and i’m off today and tomorrow as well, so i get some rest. but tuesday i work at big splash and i have to get up freaking earky just to get there. groannnn. i don’t even wanna think about it.

river island

12 11 2009

i want the wallet from river island!!!!!!

i’ve had my eyes on it and now I WANT IT. i’d post a picture but i haven’t figured out how to print screen on my macbook though :/



women ->bags->purses/make up bags/travel bags.

page 3, bottom row, second from the left it’s gonna be mine this coming pay day.